How you can increase your breast milk supply…… In 3 days

How to increase milk supply fast?


Pumping breast milk…..

As I mentioned in my other post. People might think that pumping breast milk does the same thing for your body as nursing. But as with anything we try to self- manufacture it is not the same as the real thing! So if you can I would recommend that you nurse your baby 100% of the time. (But I understand that their are working mama’s who can’t breast feed 100% of the time. So if that is you then keep reading. If you do nurse 100% this will also be helpful for you as well.)

….That being said pumping breast milk is very helpful for in between nursing sessions. I know that seems to be a bit hypocritical to what I just said….

… let me explain. When You try to supplement with pumping breast milk your body will figure that out and possibly slow down your production.  But if you are nursing 100% of the time and pump in between you can trick your body into making more milk. So if you need an extra boost….I would suggest your try power pumping. Or it is also know as cluster pumping.

Power pumping

What is it?

Repeatedly emptying the breast to signal to the body that it needs to make more breast milk…

…this is where the “tricking” comes into play. Your body is designed to make the breast milk as your baby needs it. But sometimes because of poor diet and hormonal issues our bodies get out of whack so we have to play some tricks on our bodies…

If you are ready to kick your milk production into high gear…..Check out the following method! I know you won’t be sorry. You can do this if you don’t breast feed 100% of the time as well…

Power pumping breast milk

3 times a day for 3 days

  • pump 15 minutes (Or until the milk stops flowing)
  • Rest 10 minutes
  • pump 10 minutes
  • Rest 10 minutes
  • Pump 10 minutes

Again, Make sure that you are doing this AFTER baby nurses as long as possible. I would suggest to do this morning, noon and night. If you spread it out you give your body a little bit of a break.

As I mentioned their might be other reasons why your milk supply is low. So make sure you are looking into other areas as well. Everybody is different and every body is unique. So you will have to evaluate yourself and see what might be causing your supply to be low.

Along with the pumping….

  1. Make sure you are taking care of yourself! (Rest, low stress Etc.)
  2. Feed yourself right! ( More on that here)
  3. Do not supplement ( formula or pumping instead of nursing)
  4. Nurse as often as possible ( at least every two hours)
  5. Hand compresses, warm compress (hot wash cloth), breast massage
  6. Make sure baby is latching well
  7. avoid the use of pacifiers
  8. Take your time!

This too will pass….

I know everyone says this! But really it will. That is the beauty of breast feeding. You have that one on one time with baby that otherwise you not might not get. Breast feeding is such a beautiful thing and creates such a bond between mommy and baby. I know you are probably frustrated and baby can sense that. Just like we can feel other peoples stress, baby can feel ours. This one factor might be why you are not producing! Stress!! Make sure you are taking your time and giving baby the time to get the milk. My babies were always quick eaters, but I know people whose babies took 45 minutes to nurse. If that’s what your baby needs take the time. Feeding your baby is the most important thing right now!

How to increase breast milk

Relax, mama! The breast milk will come and you will be fully feeding baby before you know it. It feels like these “trials” last forever, but they don’t! Soon it will all be a blur. You will never have these moments back. I know you are thinking why would you ever want them back. But enjoy your little on right now. Don’t let this trial stop you from enjoying the precious baby that you have been given.Take the time to let your breast milk come in and when you are nursing baby, enjoy it. Just the fact that you are slowing down and loving on baby will do wonders for your body and baby.

I hope the pumping works for you, mama! But if you feel like you are still lacking….Check out a supplement I found that is filled with herbs proven to help produce more breast milk. Even if you do up your supply a supplement is still a great thing to have as part of your daily routine. I personally have different supplements that I take and would not live without. As a mom of 3 I have to have certain things in my life to get by. I wish we could get everything we need in our diet but we just can’t….

…Our foods are packed full of chemicals and junk. Sorry I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that is just the way it is. I used to think that I could get all the nutrients in my food but I am slowly realizing that is just not the case. I do my best to find supplements that are packed with herbs and good clean ingredients. But also something that is affordable. Which can be hard to do. Because as they say “You get what you pay for” So It is definitely a balance. But I have found something that fits the bill for both of those….

…The supplement I found is not bad on the budget and it full of good clean ingredients. It is a majority milk thistle. Milk thistle has been used for centuries all over the world for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It also has other herbs which work with the milk thistle to produce more breast milk….If you would like more information and my full review check it out!

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