How to Increase Breast Milk: 3 Reasons why your production might be low.

Why is my breast milk supply low?….The top 3 reasons

This is a loaded question and can have multiple answers….
…….But today I am going to go over a few of the typical reasons your breast milk supply might be low.

1. If you are not nursing enough….

 Your body is designed to make the amount of breast milk your little one needs. As you nurse your body gauges how much your little one is drinking and makes breast milk accordingly. (How crazy is that?)….

….So if you are supplementing or pumping this could be part of the reason you are not making enough. Some people think that pumping is the same as nursing. And that is just not true. It can help produce more breast milk. ( If you are pumping between feedings) But it is not the same as if baby was nursing 100 % of the time. I understand that it is not possible for some moms to nurse as much as others. Just do your best to nurse as often as you can while you are with your baby. At least every 2 hours. Or more if your little one will eat!

If you temporarily cut back on nursing because of sore nipples or sickness. Your body catches on quick, so even if you cut back for just a few days your breast milk supply might drop. I know it is hard to continue to nurse 100% while you and/or baby are sick…

….BUT keep it up! For one you will keep your breast milk supply up and…this is the craziest thing. If your baby is sick, breast feeding is the best thing you can do for baby. By breast feeding the baby’s saliva goes into your body and your body makes exactly what your baby needs to heal.

WHAT?!?!?! I know. I freaked out when I learned that. How cool are we? As mom’s we have such a cool job. I know how bad it can be when you are dealing with being sick or have a sick baby. But just take your time and get your rest so that you can heal as quickly as possible. If you are dealing with a clogged milk duct check out my post about that here.

How to increase breast milk

2. Hormonal Imbalance 

The way we were made was simple. We feed our babies and our bodies make the breast milk they need. Seems simple huh?…..

…….Unfortunately, Thanks to our diet and lifestyles our hormone balance is crazy out of whack. Our foods are pumped full of fake hormones and chemicals that mess with the way our bodies our designed to work. I sometimes wish we lived in the good ol’ days where we would not have to worry about all this. But that is not the case so we have to deal with what we have…. And It is so hard to get our levels good much less perfect….But here are a few free ways to help.

  • Rest ( I know, that is an oxymoron to a mother. But really try to get your rest. Don’t feel bad about taking a nap while baby does. Trust me those dirty dishes will still be there when you wake up. This one has been very hard for me. But I am trying my best to take care of myself. I have always been very independent and think that I don’t need to take care of myself but that I need to focus on other people. BUT now that I am a mom I HAVE to take care of myself because by doing that I am taking care of the baby I am sustaining. )
  • Stress ( HA! Again, A little bit impossible not to be stressed out as a mom. But take a deep breath…… And try to get a few seconds alone. It seems like you can’t. But what I have found to work is to take a shower after the kiddos are in bed. That way I know that they are safe and I can have a few moments to myself! )
  • Food ( Try your best to get in the best foods that you can. I know how hard that is. And We all can’t afford organic. But take baby steps. Try eating some almonds as a snack instead of chips. I used to be such a junk food nut. But over the last few years I have had to change my diet and I now would prefer almonds over chips. start slow. Start with one snack a week or one meal. You will not regret eating healthy. It will not only benefit you but also your whole family.

3. Not enough of the right foods

As I mentioned above our diet is not what it used to be or where it should be…..

…..There are certain foods that we should be eating to help our bodies work the way they were designed too. I have been breast feeding for quite a few years now and have learned my fair share about feeding my body the right things. I have found that the 2 following foods have helped immensely when it comes to increasing my breast milk supply.

  1. Oatmeal ( put it in cookies, smoothies, cakes, breads, etc.)
  2. Flax seed ( again put it into whatever you are making)

For full recipes check out my other page.

If you are frustrated about a low breast milk supply. I hear ya! I believe that our bodies our designed to feed our babies and it breaks my hearts when mama’s can’t feed their babies. I love breastfeeding for so many reasons. And want to do what I can to help other moms make it happen for their baby. If you are struggling to produce enough please don’t give up! Please try to figure out what might be your personal problem when it comes to a low supply and fix it! You will not regret it. Breast feeding is such a special thing for mommy and baby. As I have mentioned sometimes we have to add in supplements to help boost our bodies a bit.

If you want more information about what I have found to work wonders check out my home page!